Director of engineering

Leading Vuforia Computer Vision teams.

Engineer, Principal

Continuing augmented and virtual reality R&D work for Vuforia SDK next features.

Vienna, Austria
Engineer, Staff

Research and development of computer vision algorithms for Vuforia augmented reality SDK.

Oxford, United Kingdom
Computer vision scientist

Research and development of motion capture algorithms.

Cambridge, MA, USA
Research intern

Development of modelling techniques for face tracking and biomedical image processing.

Queen Mary University of London
United Kingdom
Teaching assistant

Laboratory courses on Image and Video Processing; supervision of BSc and MSc students.

EPFL (Swiss institute of technology)
Lausanne, Switzerland
Research intern

Research on video compression techniques beyond the H.264 standard.

Queen Mary University of London
United Kingdom
PhD, Electronic engineering (computer vision)

Thesis title: “Monte Carlo methods for visual target tracking”
(Supervisor: Professor Andrea Cavallaro)

University of Siena
Siena, Italy
MEng, Telecommunication Engineering

(5 years degree, mark: 110/110 with honors)
Master thesis title: “A new Video coding scheme based on Matching Pursuit and H.264”

Professional skills
Computer Vision
  • Tracking and detection:
    • Tracking on the image plane (SIFT, KLT, mean-shift, particle filters)
    • Tracking articulated models (full body and hands)
    • Multi-view techniques (bundle adjustment for camera calibration)
    • Filtering and data association (multi-hypothesis tracking, assignment problems)
Numerical analysis
  • Probability: Monte Carlo methods, Markov models, Random Finite Sets, Gaussian processes
  • Estimation: Kalman filter (end extensions), particle filter, PHD filter
  • Large scale optimisation: trust-region methods, matrix factorisation techniques
Programming and scripting
  • Good knowledge: C/C++, Matlab
  • Basic knowledge: Python, Java
  • Platforms: Andriod, iOS, Win32, UWP
Best student paper award (honorable mention)

for the work: “Particle PHD filtering for multi-target visual tracking”

Best student paper award

For the work: “Hybrid particle filter and mean shift tracker with adaptive transition model”

CSIDC 2002 (IEEE International Design Competition)
Winning team member

Project: “BlueSign Translator”, a translator from English to deaf sign language.

Other professional activities
  • ICIP 2010 – tutorial on: “Video Tracking: overview, applications and recent developments”
  • ICIP 2011 – tutorial on: “Spatio‐temporal filtering for multi‐object tracking in image sequences”
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
  • IEEE Signal Processing Letters
  • IEEE Special Topics on Signal Processing
  • Elsevier Signal Processing
  • Elsevier Image and Vision Computing
  • EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
  • EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing
  • International Journal of Image and Graphics
  • Various international conferences


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